Pet or Show


Question: Does this mean that someone looking for an outstanding pet should pay the difference to get a show quality dog?

Answer: Absolutely not !! When you buy a show quality dog, you are buying a dog that has certain features that are more perfect in appearance and function in addition to the animal itself. All my dogs are from show quality backgrounds and bred from quality parents. You do not need to purchase a show dog/puppy to get a wonderful and beautiful representative of the breed.

Question: If you purchase a pet quality dog from a breeder, do you get one that is better suited to being a family pet/companion?

Answer: Absolutely not !! Pet quality refers to the lack of features that make a dog a good candidate for the show ring ONLY. It has absolutely nothing to do with the ability to be a loving member of the family. All German Shepherds make wonderful companions, but not all German Shepherds have the features that make them a show dog.

Can you see the difference in the two dogs pictured? One is a top winning show dog and the other is a Pet/companion dog. Both are loving, devoted members of the family.