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After retiring at 8 years old, Lexie went to live with my sister Luba and her family, John, Christina and Katya. They spoiled the heck out of her, and she deserved it. She loved her family, and this is their memoriam to Lexie.

In Memoriam: We lost Lexie today, Tuesday 8/4/15. At almost 14, she was still so beautiful, she didn’t look her age at all but her body was failing her. She could still look into our eyes with love, but we knew it was time to let her go.

Lexie was the foundation of Zee’s breeding program, coming from excellent German show lines. She produced not only super temperament, but also beauty, unwavering loyalty and devotion to her family and brains! A certified therapy dog, we knew she was super intelligent and could dominate in her motherly way. She provided our family with companionship and proved to be extraordinary. She was my companion through hip and knee replacement and was always available for my physical therapy walks. She would sleep with the kids, as she adored them, and spent countless hours laying behind my chair as I worked on my business. She was not demanding, but enthusiastic in what she wanted to do and play. We were always amazed at how little she would actually bark, but when she did it was low and forceful.

She was a powerful and beautiful looking dog with a deep red and black coat. She had the most wonderful ears…they were perfect and looked and felt like velvet. Lexie loved swimming in ponds, lakes and pools, especially chasing the ducks and mechanical fish in our pool. Car rides were a particular favorite as she sat watching the world through the rear window of the SUV. Lexie definitely imprinted on Luba, she was her dog. There couldn’t be a more loving dog considering the fact that she came to us at the age of 8 years old. She will truly and eternally be missed as an integral part of our family.

8/12/2001 – 8/4/2015: Lexie has passed over Rainbow Bridge. She will be forever in our hearts.

Lexie is a striking, medium sized female with a large, strong head and a very beautiful plush red and black coat. She comes from a long line of top German show lines, from very impressive German kennels. She has been hip x-rayed and received the German “a” stamp.

Lexie easily obtained her Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and Therapy Dog International (TDI) titles. Loving and affectionate when it comes to her therapy work, She participates in the local library reading programs, as she adores children. She is very kind and gentle in everything she does.

Earning her Companion Dog Title (CD) in one weekend and receiving first place ribbons, Lexie also has her BH, which is the German equivalent to the American Kennel Clubs CGC and CD. Lexie has been temperament certified by the German Shepherd Dog Club of America and has also earned her Rally Obedience titles (RE).

In the whelping box, Lexie produces very large, healthy, rich colored, happy puppies. Super companions with great attitudes that are anxious to please. She reproduces herself, a very happy playful dog.

Pedigree for Raintree’s Unchained Melody

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