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Peters’ Elite Bonnie CGC, CD,RN

Always ready to go, Bonnie can’t wait to jump in the car to see where we are going and what we are doing.This girl is gorgeous! A beautiful plush red and black coat hilights her awesome structure, she is very correct! Bonnie is 3rd generation of German Bred shepherds born here at Peters’ Elite, accelling in performance, she has her CGC,CD and RN titles all by the age of 20 months; showing her trainability, intelligence and willingness to please. Already started in herding, she is working towards her title and is also going to give the conformation ring a try!

Bonnie’s sire, VA Nino von Tronje SCHH3,Kkl1 was 2011 Vice Seiger in Germany and 2014 USCA Seiger. Imported from Germany, Nino is owned by Dr. Morton Goldfarb. An amazing dog.

Lacey, her dam, also comes from a long line of titled dogs (you can read about her on her web page).

Peters\’ Elite Bonnie CGD,CD,RN VA2 Nino Von Tronje SCHH3 VA17 Irk Karanberg SCHH3 V Baru Von Haus Yu SCHH3 VA4 Natz Vom Steigerhof SCHH3
SG4 Nina Von Tronje SCHH2
Rosel Karanberg SCHH2 V2 Domino Vom Baronenwald SCHH3
SG3 Zimba Vom Hirschel SCHH2
VA5 Nadja V Jabora SCHH2 VSG1 Quentin Karanberg SCHH3 2X VA1 Yasko vom Farbenspiel SCHH3
V1 Mary Von Tronje SCHH2
V Kelsey V Jabora SCHH1 V Vasko V.D. Herderskring SCHH3
VSG Genny Von Jabora SCHH1
Peters\’ Elite Lacey vom Kuckucksland CGC,CD,RN,PT, OFA VA Liedo Vom Kuckucksland SCHH3 V1 Cherry vom Bergmannshof SCHH3 VA2 Tacko zum Gigelsfelsen SCHH3
V3 Whitney aus Agrigento SCHH2
V Zala von Arminius SCHH2 V1 Zeppo vom Klebinger SCHH3
VA Zambia von Arminius SCHH3
Raintree\’s Unchained Melody CD,RE,CGC,TDI Mutz vom Franz Josef Irk vom Franz Josef
Elka von Aurelius
Xandra von Aurelius VA8 Max della Loggia Dei Mercanti SCHH3
Quanda von der Steigermuhle
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