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AKC Registered German Shepherd Puppies for Sale!

What We Do

We breed pedigreed quality German Shepherd dogs for health and temperament as loyal companions and faithful, loving family members.


The Ultimate Breed is the German Shepherd Dog

lexie, lacey and sam

The German Shepherd Dog stands supreme as the most popular breed worldwide, valued for its high intelligence, its distinguished good looks, and its loyal temperament. They were originally bred as a herding dog and guardian of the flock in Germany, but because of this dogs’ superior intelligence it has become a versatile working and service partner par excellence. You will see this breed being used by military and police forces all over the world and their tremendous versatility translates into many other roles such as Guide dogs for the blind, Assistance dogs, Competitive Obedience dogs, Agility dogs, Tracking dogs and excelling in the competitive world of Schutzhund Trials. There may be breeds that can do certain tasks better, but there’s NO other breed that can do as many tasks as well as the German Shepherd Dog. This noble looking breed always makes its mark wherever they go. Whether they are working as mans best friend, or exhibiting their over all beauty in the Show ring.

lacey and sam down

But perhaps more importantly, the German Shepherd ranks high in being a devoted and loyal family companion.



Contact: Zoriana Peters

3749 Foskett Road, Medina, Ohio 44256


website: www.peterseliteshepherds.com

email: zoriana@peterseliteshepherds.com

We breed pedigreed quality German Shepherd dogs for health and temperament as loyal companions and faithful, loving family members.  We are members of The German Shepherd Dog Club of America, The German Shepherd Dog Club of Northern Ohio and The United Schutzhund Club of America.


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  1. Charlotte Guzman

    We have purchased our German Shepherd from Peters Elite. We can not be more happier with him.He is the best! The Quality and compasion that this breeder has for her dogs is outstanding! We look forward to purchasing another puppy from this awsome breeder in the futher..Thanks again. .The Guzman’s

  2. Zoriana

    Thanks Charlotte, this is my passion, I love my dogs !!

  3. Daisy M

    We purchased a female and male German Shepherd from Peter’s Elite and could not be happier. They are excellent family companions. This breeder has treated us from the beginning, as if we were long time friends and has been there for us when we have had questions or concerns. She is a wonderful person who enjoys hearing how the dogs are doing and is always there for you. We will purchase our furture German Shepherds from this breeder.

  4. Zoriana

    Thanks Daisy,
    You made me cry ! I love my dogs and want everyone to have one just like mine, awesome companions and part of the family.
    Love you guys,

  5. troy

    so happy to find a quality breeder so close to home(Homerville).have wanted german shepards for years.
    I have terrific home to give them.

  6. Kimberly Hall

    It’s my husband’s long dream to have a German Shepherd dog. I wonder how much a puppy of this breed cost? I’m glad to know that this kind of dogs can be trusted with children. Now, I’m thinking of getting one puppy for husband’s birthday.

  7. zoriana

    Hi Kimberly,
    GSD’s make wonderful companions and family members. They love to please and the interaction with kids is awsome, they go everywhere with us. Give me a call and we can discuss a puppy for your husband.

  8. Terri

    I own Rusty on the past litters page (Sierra x Orus litter) and could not be happier with this guy! He’s my constant companion, my shadow.

    He attracts attention everywhere we go not only for his handsome looks but for being well behaved. We can take him anywhere. We take him hiking all year, which he LOVES. He also enjoys camping and is outstanding in the tent overnight. He has a strong “stay” if wildlife crosses our path. He’s very smart & biddable. He picks up on tasks quickly and is eager to please. He’s not super food motivated but loves his ball, game on!

    He’s outstanding with children and is a great host when our kids have sleepovers at our house. He watches them all; they are his flock for the night.

    He’s easy to groom and patiently waits for me to clean his ears and trim his nails. Our vet & staff love him because he’s very accepting of their handling and will “stand” like a gentleman while being examined.
    We are very active with him but he settles down in the house nicely and will just hang out if the family is on downtime. He’s a pleasure to own!

    Zoriana is an outstanding and consciousness breeder. She’s also available for support long after they are no longer pups…she also loves to get pictures of her “kids”!

  9. Mark Mitchell

    Do your dogs conform to the German breed standards or the American breed standards? Thanks!

    1. zoriana

      I have both American bred and German bred lines.

  10. Barbara McGinnis

    September 16 2013

    Hello, You were recommended by a friend. I am looking for a female puppy for a family pet. I was told you charge between !000.00 & 1800.00. I can afford to pay 1000.00 and hope this will get my puppy.

    Thank You,

  11. Saundra Hill

    Hello, Im interested in a Female, American, as for the post from Peters, some people are rudd. Interested in a pup, I’m not in a hurry, but would be Interested in your up coming litters. THANK YOU for your time. SAUNDRA Hill

  12. zoriana

    Hi Saundra
    My current litter is America Champion lines, we do have a female available out of this litter, please give me a call at 330-725-5303

  13. Phil

    Just wanted to post an update / endorsement. We picked up our boy Zeus from Zoriana last year and he just turned 1 year old! Zeus has been amazing, quite a good boy and we always get compliments on how he looks. He is an awesome family dog and loves to go on day hikes as well. Some recommendations to potential or new owners:

    1- Definitely take your pup to puppy training classes (Zoriana can recommend)
    2- Socialize, socialize and socialize
    3- Make sure you are ready for a very active dog!
    4- Buy a SHOP VAC!

    Zoriana has been great throughout the whole process and has always been there with recommendations on training facilities, food choices and other potential issues or questions (i.e. pano). When you get a GSD from Peters’ Elite you are getting support for the life of your pet, at least that has been my case.

  14. zoriana

    Thanks Phil,
    I always love hearing about Zeus’ progress and getting pictures.

  15. robert

    Any upcoming litters? Thank you!

  16. zoriana

    Hi Robert,
    Our Sammi was bred to an awesome male from Haus Juris and we are anxiously awaiting this litter that will be due late June We also have 2 other super breedings planned for Lacey and Sadie with puppies being due in the fall. Let me know if I can answer anymore questions for you
    Zoriana Peters

  17. Tina

    We had gotten a female from Zoriana in January 2007. She was the absolute most loving and compassionate dog I had ever seen. We always joked that should something happen to us, there was a list of about 30 people (friends and family) that would take her. Sadly we lost our sweet Penny to cancer on April 6, 2014. Of course, I contacted Zoriana to let her know what had happened and she was as upset as we were. I asked her to “put us on the list” for this fall for a new pup. She contacted us last week and I am happy to say we are going to be getting our newest family member at the end of August. We know that she will be a great addition to our family because Peters Elite is the BEST!!!

  18. zoriana

    Hi Eric,
    Lacey’s litter arrived 8/12 and Sadie is due to deliver 10/1. You can email or call to make an appt for a visit, I love to show my dogs off !!

  19. Darrius Green

    I’m looking for a pure German German large breed. My mother want one so bad so if anybody can help me out please contact me asap 864 237-1621

  20. Ray R. Romero


    My name is Ray. I am looking for 2 german shepherd black/red puppies male and female. And I would also like to visit your place in Medina if possible so I can see your german shepherds.

    Are there any available now and if there is none, when will be the earliest. How much are they? I am not looking for the most expensive, just in between.


    Ray (westshore64@gmail.com)

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