Apr 26

AKC Registered German Shepherd Puppies for Sale!

What We Do

We breed pedigreed quality German Shepherd dogs for health and temperament as loyal companions and faithful, loving family members.


The Ultimate Breed is the German Shepherd Dog

lexie, lacey and sam

The German Shepherd Dog stands supreme as the most popular breed worldwide, valued for its high intelligence, its distinguished good looks, and its loyal temperament. They were originally bred as a herding dog and guardian of the flock in Germany, but because of this dogs’ superior intelligence it has become a versatile working and service partner par excellence. You will see this breed being used by military and police forces all over the world and their tremendous versatility translates into many other roles such as Guide dogs for the blind, Assistance dogs, Competitive Obedience dogs, Agility dogs, Tracking dogs and excelling in the competitive world of Schutzhund Trials. There may be breeds that can do certain tasks better, but there’s NO other breed that can do as many tasks as well as the German Shepherd Dog. This noble looking breed always makes its mark wherever they go. Whether they are working as mans best friend, or exhibiting their over all beauty in the Show ring.

lacey and sam down

But perhaps more importantly, the German Shepherd ranks high in being a devoted and loyal family companion.



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We breed pedigreed quality German Shepherd dogs for health and temperament as loyal companions and faithful, loving family members.  We are members of The German Shepherd Dog Club of America, The German Shepherd Dog Club of Northern Ohio and The United Schutzhund Club of America.